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Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for All in Southeast Asia: Realising the aspiration of the UN Social Development Goals by Rosalia Sciortino and Peter Aggleton


Aggleton PJ, (ed.), 2016, Education and Sexualities (4 volumes) Routledge, London

Bell S; Aggleton P, (eds.), 2016, Monitoring and Evaluation in Health and Social Development: Interpretive and Ethnographic Perspectives, Routledge, London

Aggleton P; Parker R; Thomas F, (eds.), 2015, Culture, Health and Sexuality: An Introduction, Routledge, London

Aggleton P; Parker R, (eds.), 2014, Men Who Sell Sex: Global Perspectives, Routledge, London

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Articles and chapters

Rasmussen ML; Cover R; Aggleton P; Marshall D, 2016, 'Sexuality, Gender, Citizenship and Social Justice: Education’s Queer Relations', in Peterson A; Hattam R; Zembylas M; Arthur J (ed.), The Palgrave International Handbook of Education for Citizenship and Social Justice, pp. 73 - 96

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Southgate E; Aggleton P, 2016, 'Peer education: From enduring problematics to pedagogical potential', Health Education Journal, published online before print May 12, 2016, doi: 10.1177/0017896916641459

Gibbs A; Vaughan C; Aggleton P, 2015, 'Beyond “working with men and boys”: (re)defining, challenging and transforming masculinities in sexuality and health programmes and policy.', Culture, Health and Sexuality, vol. 17 Suppl 2, pp. S85 - S95

Zhang X; Mao L; Aggleton P; Zhang J; Jing J; Cui J; Zhao R; Ren J; De Wit J, 2015, 'Factors associated with women's entry into the sex industry: Findings from interviews conducted with female sex workers in Chinese detention centres', Sexual Health, vol. 12, no. 6, pp. 541 - 545

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Maxwell C; Aggleton P, 2014, 'Preventing violence against women and girls: utilising a whole school approach', in Ellis J; Thiara R (eds.), Preventing Violence against Women and Girls: Educational work with children and young people, Policy Press, Bristol, pp. 103 – 120

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