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Climate Change Blueprint: Justice and Climate Transitions

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Climate Change Blueprint: Justice and Climate Transitions

This blueprint sets out a framework for how justice and equality should not only shape but also motivate our transition to a low carbon future.

Climate change poses one of the most unfair environmental challenges imaginable. Globally, the poorest nations have contributed the least to past emissions of greenhouse gases, yet they are the most vulnerable to their impact.  

This blueprint considers Australia’s role as a global and fair citizen, demonstrating that if we are to play a just and equitable role, we should dig deeper than our current Paris commitments. The report also considers the local context of fairness and justice within nations including Australia. We are not only very high emitters per capita; we are also massive exporters of fossil fuels. Poor communities and people, like poor nations, are generally the worst equipped to deal with the harsh changes set to accelerate as our planet warms. 

Ultimately, all nations are set to lose from climate change, so a pathway to zero emissions is needed, but it must be established fairly. This blueprint is one of the few pieces of research to consider justice and equality and their relation to climate transitions in detail.

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